Cappuccino Artisan Reed Diffuser

Cappuccino Artisan Reed Diffuser

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We are delighted to stock locally made Artisan Hand Crafted Products. The Diffusers come boxed in a recyclable white box along with a set of 10 black reeds, depending on the size of the room you may not need to use all 10 reeds.

Always make sure to keep your glass bottle once the diffuser has finished as we stock Diffuser Refills which refill the bottle 2 1/2 times. If you would like to change the scent simply wash out the bottle before refilling and place new reeds in your diffuser.

Top Tip: We recommend to place your diffuser on a coaster and not directly on the surface, especially when you turn your reeds.

This scent is also available in a Diffuser Refill, Soy Wax Candle and Wax Melts.