Grey Love Wax Warmer

Grey Love Wax Warmer

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Produce a cosy glow and a romantic sense to your home spaces with this chic pillar ceramic oil burners. With their neutral grey tone and rustic 'Love' letterings, this tealight holder oil burner/wax warmer will place perfectly in any themed home interior. 

If you are new to wax warmers all you need is a pack of max welts, a warmer and a non scented t-light. Simply break a cube off and pop it on top of your warmer, light your non scented t-light and pop it at the bottom of your warmer. Sit back, relax and watch the cube slowly melt and fill your room with a wonderful aroma.

Once the t-light has finished replace it with another one, continue to do so until you can no longer smell the scent from the wax melt. When that happens wipe it clean in the bean and replace with another cube. Then repeat! 

Size: 8.5 X 6CM

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